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The novels haven’t been translated (yet), but most of my music is in English…



The second album, Recapture, you can find @ CDbaby, @ Itunes  and Amazon and all.

Am working on releasing the first album online soon… And she bites, it is called.

Together with celloplayer and awesome singer Michelle Courtens, I am currently composing and recording songs, which we’ll also release when the time’s right.

Or, in a less personal fashion:

O no, not another female singer/songwriter!
Not another lesbian singer/songwriter!
Where do they all come from?

Karin Giphart has been around for a while, but she was lazy. Until now. Now, she finally updated her website. Some people…

Recapture is the result of her fans frequently asking her to make an acoustic CD. Gip didn’t wanna do it on her own, so she asked Frank Antens (piano) and MC Lex Empress to accompany her and her guitar. Recorded by Gijs van Klooster, Redhouse Studios. Robbert Andringa did the layout for the CD.


Some notes:

1. Reality. Lyrics mostly made by her good friend Wendelyne Heelis, who died too young, unfortunately, but left some great music for her kids to listen to.
2. Feel Free. ‘I used to be your Julie Andrews,’ her friend Tim said to her once. What a great opening line! Sung at weddings a lot of times.
3. And she bites. Made after her girlfriend cheated on her with an ex. Typical. No longer her girlfriend, but yay, what a nice song.


And she bites.

She calls me beauty
As if she were the beast
The way she stares at me
And lifts me off my feet

There is a fierceness
There is a hunger
There is a gentleness
I will not harm her

Her paws caress me
Her flaws possess me
She sees right through me
And shows no mercy

She is a pleaser
She is a lover
She is a teaser
With me beneath her

And though she is my ex
She is the best ex I’ve ever had
And though she is my axe
She is the best ex I’ve ever had

And she bites
She bites me
She likes me
She’s crazy

And she bites
She bites me
She likes me
She’s crazy
For loving me

4. Miss Connection. So, Marije had a lousy boyfriend. And she grinded her teeth at night. So Giphart wrote her a song.
5. On Track. MC Empress walked in and sang along. Nais.
6. Pouring. Originally made on guitar. Vincent Arkenbout came up with this great piano part. It’s about taking a shower. Showers are great. Hot. Long. Hard.
7. Comfort in Nepal. About an encounter with the Dalai Lama. Told by a friend.
8. Anders. In Dutch that meant ‘different’. About a girl with asperger.
9. A Date. Ah, memories. This girl had an affaire with a married author – not Giphart. No Giphart asked her out on a date. And wrote a song about it.
10. The loss of you. Gotta have a song about a mother in there. For all those who have lost a loved one.

Karin Giphart is a Dutch author and singer/songwriter. Her debut, an explicit lesbian rogue novel, became an instant bestseller, and the past few years Giphart dedicated a lot of her time to support lesbian and bisexual empowerment. Recapture is her second CD.